Wednesday 20 August 2014

A great place to visit on a tour of Old Havana

The Rafael Trejo boxing gym in the heart of Old Havana, is a hidden gem and a great addition to any extended tour of Old Havana.

An image of the Rafael Trejo boxing gym in Old Havana
The Rafael Trejo boxing gym in Old Havana

Its tucked away across from the Iglesia de la Merced church on calle Cuba.
The special thing about the gym is that it welcomes foreign visitors - either to train in boxing or simply to watch others train. Sometimes the olympic boxers come here to work out or have a spar.
An image of Cuban children training boxing in Old Havana
Cuba has a very proud tradition of boxers and boxing excellence. In fact Cuban boxing is even known to have its own particular style. The successful Cuban boxers are not as famous as boxers from other countries, mainly because they are amateur and not professional. So the biggest fights they usually have in their careers are at the olympic games.  The popularity of the sport in Cuba (much like baseball) is an example of the powerful and lasting influence of 1950's American (ie United States) culture from on contemporary Cuban culture.

Usually during the morning the adults train, and during the afternoon the children train. You can call to see when there are boxing matches. Entry is 1cuc, although you can stand at the entrance door and probably still see some action.If you are interested, you can pay for half a day of training with a boxing trainer - 25cuc.They sometimes have proper boxing matches in the ring.

Perhaps this kid is the next olympic champion in waiting.

The address is Calle Cuba 815 entre Merced y Leonor Perez. Telephone 07-862 0266

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